About the Payne Institute

Mission Statement

To inform and shape sound public policy on the earth resources, energy and the environment.

  • Conduct cutting-edge social science research for quantitative policy analysis 
  • Educate current and future leaders on the market, policy and technological challenges presented by energy, environmental and resource management issues
  • Promote a policy making process informed by rigorous quantitative analysis based on sound economic and scientific principles
  • Provide a forum for national and global policy debate
  • Develop a research network across universities, the government and other research institutions

Institute Activities and Initiatives

  • Distinguished Lecture Series
  • Topic-based annual conference
  • Visiting scholars program
  • Collaborative research programs with external research institutions
  • Inter-disciplinary activities with other Mines research units and institutions

Areas of Research

  • Earth: Rare Earths and Critical Materials, Trade and Resources, Resources and Economic Growth, Minerals Policy, Commodity Price Dynamics.
  • Energy: Climate Policy, Electricity Regulation, Oil and Gas Safety Regulations, Hydraulic Fracturing, Unconventional Resource Policy, Transportation Policy, Renewable Mandates, Energy Security, Fuel Demand and Policies, Primary Fuel Contracting, Distributional Impacts of Energy Policy, Electricity Dispatch Optimization.
  • Environment: Climate and Carbon Policy, Criteria Pollution Regulation, Global Trade and the Environment, Abatement Mechanism Design, Environmental Policy and Fiscal Reforms, Oil Spills.

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