Economics & Business Alumni News Archive

Dick Collins, MSc MinEc 1974,  is currently a construction Manager on an Oil-Sands upgrader nearing completion near Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada.

Robert Davidoff, MS MinEc 1976, is heading up a minerals staff that is responsible for performing the mineral assessment and market analyses of mineral estates for all Indian lands. He is located in Lakewood, CO.

David Gulley, PhD MinEc 1976, is a Managing Director of the Disputes & Investigations Practice of Navigant Consulting, Inc., in New York City.  Formerly a full-time faculty member at Columbia University, David remains active in teaching and research at Columbia and elsewhere.  He still plans to finish walking the continental Divide, and completed a portion this past summer, albeit with the help of two llamas.

Donald Ratcliff, MSc MinEc 1980, is Vice President, Marketing and Commodity Risk Management for Apex Silver Mines in Denver.

Alec Neville, MSc MinEc 1982, is a partner at PetroCap, an energy private equity firm in Dallas, TX.

Care E. Shemeta, MS MinEc 1983, owns her own company, MedWare, Inc.

Jerry Kyckelhahn, MSC MinEc 1985, after a full life of management in the concrete industry, he has been able to follow his true dream of racing and competing on road bikes. Lately he has taken up triathlons.

Gonzalo A. Garcia-Huidobro, M.S. Mineral Economics 1985, has worked with Dow Chemical in Chile and in the U.S. Garcia-Huidobro has also worked in copper production with various Chilean companies. Previously, Garcia-Huidobro was VP of sales for a world- wide mineral commodity.

Scot Buell, MS MinEc 1985, is the Base Business Manager for Chevron's Southern Aftrica Strategic Business Unit. 

William Pincus
, M.S. Mineral Economics 1986, was recently featured on the Personal News page of SME NEWS. He has joined the board of directors of Reliant Ventures in Vancouver, BC Canada. Pincus has also been appointed resident and chief executive officer. Most recently, Pincus was vice president of operations for Sunshine Mining. He supervised the development of the Pirquitas silver project in northern Argentina.

Atif R. Khan, MS Mineral Economics 1986, is the President & CEO of LMKR, a Pertroleum Information Technology Company which he owns jointly with Halliburton.

Ronald W. Cattany, M.S. Mineral Economics 1987, has been appointed director of the Colorado Division of Minerals and Geology (DMG). Cattany has served as deputy director of the Department of Natural Resources since 1991.

James K. B Hesketh, MS Mineral Economics 1987, is president and CEO for Scorpio Mining in Golden, Colorado.

Brian Johnson, M.S. Mineral Economics 1988, is Director of Energy & Utilities - Asia Pacific for PricewaterhouseCoopers, based in Melbourne, Australia. Johnson says that "almost every aspect of my education at Mines comes into play at varying times." After 14 years, he still uses some of the textbooks and reference materials.

Gys Wessels, Ph.D. Mineral Economic 1989, is a Principal at Deloitte Consulting, based in South Africa.

Jeff Wilkinson, MS MinEc 1989, is a research scientist on assignment to support the U.S. Army Research and Development Command as the Program Manager for the Army's research portfolio at the University of Southern California's Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT). The ICT conducts fundamental research in Artificial Intelligence, immersive environments and the learning sciences.

Russell W. Bailey, MS Mineral Economics 1991, has taken a job as product marketing manager for Hewlett Packard in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Sue McFaddin, Phd Mineral Economics 1992, is a partner of Seven Generations, LLC, a sustainable development company in Fort Collins, CO. The company does consulting for both existing and new commercial office buildings.

Rich Rein, MSc MinEc 1992, has just completed construction of the first 3 underground diamond mines in North America for BHP Billiton. The last mine, the Koala Project was completed safely, under budget and ahead of schedule. He has returned to Colorado for a sabbatical.

Doug Brown, MS MinEc 1992, recently joined Altagas's Renewable Energy Division.
John DeCooman, Jr.,
MSc MinEc 1994, is the Vice President of Finance and Corporate Development for Candente Resource Corp.

Robert Gray, MSc MinEc 1994, is a director of RMB Resources Limited – the specialist resources merchant banking division of Rand Merchant Bank.

Scott Wilson, MSc MinEc 1995, is the VP of Business Development for Rockies Optigas, LLC/Piceance Basin Gas Gathering, LLC in Denver.

Dr. Mohamed Ali Alshami, Ph.D. Mineral Economics 1995, has recently been appointed Dean of the faculty of Business Administration at Ajman University of Science and Technology in the United Arab Emirates, as well as the General Director of the Business Bureau of Technosphere Center of Excellence Dubai.
Thorsten Viertel,
MSc MinEc 1996, is the BDM XTL & CO2 Manager CCE-XTL for Shell Gas & Power International.

Michael Flavin, BS Econ 1996, is the Rocky Mountain regional manager for Hanes Geo Components based in Denver

Darvin Jones, MS MinEc 1996, retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army 2 1/2 years ago.  He now is a manager of the consulting service with Twachtman Snyder & Byd, Inc. in Houston, TX.

Tom Toole, Ms MinEc 1996, is the General Manager with Southwest Energy, LLC in Tucson, AZ.

Brandi Lewis Goodman, MSc MinEc 1997, is the manager of Supply Chain Engineering At Schneider National in Green Bay, WI.

Gregory R. Stone, MS MinEc 1997, is a tenure track assistant professor of finance at the University of Nevada, Reno where he teaches in the undergraduate, MBA and MS Finance Programs. He previously worked for the energy investment banking firm of Kirkpatrick Energy Associates, was a Degree Fellow with the East-West Center's Energy Group in Honolulu, Hawaii and is an FRM and CFA Charter holder.

Kevin Mabe, BS Economics 1997, is currently finishing up a MS in Economics at Georgia Tech with a concentration in econometrics and game theory. He has been working at Delta Air Lines as a Market Group Manager in the Revenue Management Department.

Clay L. Hoes, MS Mineral Economics 1997, is Vice President of American Express in Minneapolis.
Ioannis Sanoudos, MS Mineral Economics, has taken a job at S & B Industrial Minerals S.A. as a Business Development Manager.

Jose Sanabria, MS Mineral Economics 1997, is currently the Senior Finance Advisor for ConocoPhillips Treasury in London, England.

Christiaan Huizer, MSc MinEc 1998, is working as the Upstream Commercial Finance Manager with Shell International Exploration & Production in Houston, TX.

Yohan Sumaiku, Ph.D. Mineral Economics 1998, is teaching at Regis University in their MBA Online Program.

Gokhan Urun, MS Mineral Economics 1998, was promoted as "Business Development & Coordination Manager" of Turkish Petroleum International Company in mid 2005. He is curently operating in Kazahkstan, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Georgia and looking for new projects in Russia, Uzbekistan, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, and Libya.

Bennett G. Williams, MS Mineral Economics 1998, is an Economist/Planner for Chevron international Exploration and Production Company.

Alexis Dodin, MS Mineral Economics 1998, worked in London for Total Gas & Power from 1999 to 2006.  She is currently the Adjunto Direccion General for Total Gas y Electricidad Argentina.

Brice Lodugnon, MSc MinEc 1999, is a Director with Emerging Capital Partners LLC, a private equity fund manager focusing on investment in Africa. He is based in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire.

Tim Niznik, Ph.D. Mineral Economics 1999, was awarded the AGIFORS (Airline Group of the International Federation of Operations Research Societies) rize for "Best Innovation" for his paper on "Efficient Algorithms for Overhaul Task Scheduling." This paper was presented at the AGIFORS convention in Istanbul, Turkey. Instead of a plaque, he was presented with an enameled Turkish dish with the award baked into the surface of the dish.

Luis Galarraga, MS Mineral Economics 1999, is a Planning and Economics Advisor with Occidental Petroleum on the Business Development Team located in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Aaron Fleet, BS Econ 1999, is with MIT Lincoln Laboratory in Lexington, MA.

Shinsuke Murakami, MSc MinEc 2000, is at the Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo. He works on issues of international recycling in the Asian region and natural resource developments.

Luciano José Ferreira Sá, MS Mineral Economics 2000, has just been nominated superintendent at Centro Tecnologico do marmore e Granita (CETEMAG). CETEMAG is the only center for technology involving mining of marble and granite.

Major Michelle M. McCassey, MS Mineral Economics 2000, is currently stationed at Fort Lewis, WA.  She serves as a Battalion Commander for the 202nd Brigade Support Battalion, 4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division.  The unit has the responsibility of ensuring logistics, transportation, maintenance, medical and miltary intelligence to over 4,000 members of the Stryker Brigade.

Andrea Capra, MSc ETM 2000, is a systems engineer for the Boeing Company in Renton, WA.

John R. Gregg, BS Econ 2000, is Mortgage Process design Executive, SVP at Bank of America.  His work involves improving the customer experience, associate experience, and shareholder equation for the national mortgage business.

Mindy Arbuckle, BS Econ 2001, is working for T.A. Myers & Co. in Arvada, CO. The CPA firm focuses on analytical research for corporate fraud causes.

Clint Johnson, M.S. Mineral Economics 2001, is Sr. Financial Analyst at Vectra Bank Colorado. Johnson's research interests are portfolio optimization, efficiency models, and data development analysis.

Vikram Singh, M.S. Mineral Economics 2001, has landed a position with LCG Consulting in Los Altos, CA. LCG Consulting specializes in the electribity and natural gas markets. Immediately after graduation, Singh interned with with Resource for Future in Washington, DC. He liked the experience, but chose the full time position with LCG when it was offered.

Raul Doering, MS Mineral Economics 2001, is the Secretary of mining in the Province of Catamarca, Argentina. Catamarca is a small state northwest of Argentina and represents the major production of copper, gold, rodochrosite, and silver in Argentina.

Sirine Tajer, MS Mineral Economics 2001, has just been appointed Head of Energy and Resources - Commercial Clients - GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) and Iran Countries for Societe Generale, an International French Bank, and she will be based in Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates) 

Claudio Valencia Montero, PhD MinEc 2002, in the director of strategic design at Codelco in Santiago, Chile.

Kathryn Heidrich Valdez, BS Econ 2002, is a regional manager of Fuel Supply Operations for Xcel Energy, Inc. in Denver. In November, 08 she will earn her MBA from Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver.

Dave Loring, MS ETM 2002, is a ventilation engineer with Mine Ventilation Services in Fresno, CA. Loring has been involved in numerous surveys and studies in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Illinois, and Kentucky. His latest project is an uranium mine in Saskatchewan. Loring has been doing a lot of climbing in the Sierras and Yosemite. Loring went to Chamonix, France the summer of 2004 to do a number of routes on the Mont Blanc Massif.

John H. White, Ph.D. Mineral Economics 2002, is a Clinical Professor at the University of Denver. White is currently teaching graduate courses in enterprise financial systems to students seeking MBA and Masters of Accountancy degrees. He also teaches financial accounting and financial statement analysis and valuation to MBA students. White's research centers around modeling corporate data and information needs using the Resources-Events-Agent approach of McCarthy plus incorporating Michael Porter's economic value chain model.

Eva Maria Gomez, MS Mineral Economics 2002, joined Occidental Oil and Gas Corp. in July 2006 as a Planning Engineer.

Peter Howie, Ph.D. Mineral Economics 2002, moved to Calgary, Alberta in August 2005. He is a professor in the Department of Policy Studies at Mount Royal College.

Tanya Barb Hanford, MS ETM 2002, is the Assistant Treasurer and Manager of Special Projects for Blacksand Energy in Denver.

Charles Douglas-Hamilton, MSc MinEc 2003, is working as a senior geologist for Anvil Mining Services in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is taking Anvil’s Kolwezi Cobalt-Copper-Gold polymetalic projects into mine development.

William Parker, MSc MinEc 2003, is currently working in Huntsville, Alabama on the Ground-based Midcourse Defense program in the area of modeling, simulation, wargaming and analysis

John Reinsma, MSc MinEc 2003, is the senior development manager for Weston Solutions in Lakewood.

Peter McCarty, BS Econ 2003, is a natural gas marketing analyst for Enserco Energy, Inc, in Golden, CO.

Remco Meeuwis, M.S. Mineral Economics 2003, completed an internship at BHP Billiton during the fall of 2003, where he was working in gas and power marketing and trading. He is now doing his M.S. thesis at Delft University of Technology where he is modeling heat and mass transfer during undergound coal fires.

Joe Mazumdar, M.S. Mineral Economics 2003, is the Director of Business and Economic Relations in the strategic planning and investor relations department of Newmont Mining Corp.

Zauresh Atakhanova, Ph.D. Mineral Economics 2003, has accepted a teaching position at the Kazakhstan Institute of Management. Doctor Atakhanova will be teaching in the Economics and Strategic Research Department in Kazakhstan.

Bradley Sutton, BS Econ 2003, is in Chicago trading futures for the TransMarketGroup at the Chicago Board of Trade.Eva Gomez (MS Mineral Economics, 2002) was hired by Gaffney, Cline & Associates in Houston, TX. Gaffney, Cline & Associates specialize in technical and managerial advice to the oil and gas industry worldwide.

Daniela Lavrador, MS Mineral Economics 2003, is working as an Oil and Gas Credit Analyst for BNP paribas in Geneva.  She has held this position for 2 years.

Doug Klein, MS ETM 2003, is an Applications Engineer working for Advanced Coordinate Technology. Recently, he contacted EB to hire someone for the Arizona office. This a reminder for graduates from the program to keep upcoming graduates in mind for job openings!

Chonnakarn Leeraphan, MS ETM 2003, Assistant Vice President, Strategic Planning at Standard Chartered Bank in Thailand.

Joshua Crumb, MS Mineral Economics 2003, was recently hired by EuroZinc Mining Corp. in Vancouver, B.C. He works on corporate development strategy.

Christopher J. Good, MS ETM 2003, is working for Washington Group International.  He just finished a Steam Generator Replacement at the Nuclear Power Plant in Central Missouri and is starting a similar SG replacement at the Nuclear Pwer Plant in San Luis Obispo, California.

Miharu Kanai, MS Mineral Economics 2003, has been working as a senior expert for the Energy Charter in Brussels.

Elfije Lemaitre, MS Mineral Economics 2003, is a strategy consultant for Accenture.  She recently returned from South Africa where she was working for three months for Accenture's non-profit organization Accenture Development Partnerships.
Freddy Aird, MSc MinEc 2004, is a mine manager at Chemical Lime Co in new Braufels, TX. 

Tony Hahn, MSc ETM 2004, is the executive officer for Coast Guard Air Station Borinquen in Aguadilla Puerto Rico.

Kumail Said, BS Econ 2004, is a supervisor with Ernst & Young’s Transaction Advisory Services in Muscat, Oman.

Ricardo Labo was promoted July 1, 2008 to the position of communications and external affairs manager for the La Granja Copper Project owned by the mining group Rio Tinto. He is located in Lima, Peru.

Josh Burgher, MSc ETM 2004, is working at Columbia University as the director of strategic planning and analytics. He is also enrolled in the Executive MBA program at the Columbia Business School. He lives in Manhattan, NY.

James W. Knight-Dominick, MS Mineral Economics 2004, is a Sr. Analyst in Risk Management at Xcel Energy. 

Rafael Bacigalupo, MS Mineral Economics 2004, has taken a job with an American oil and gas company named Occidental and is currently working as a Maintenance and Construction Planning Analyst in his home country of Ecuador. Project. After graduation from CSM, he received a Masters in Mineral Law and Policy from the University of Dundee, Scotland.

Taylor Shively, MS ETM, ; BS Eng.Phys. 2003, spent the last seven months doing an internship at a small start up company in Magdeburg, Germany called ASSURRO Semiconductors.

Mason Wallick, MS MinEc 2004, has joined DA Capital as an Associate in the hedge fund's Singapore office.

Emily Cillessen LeJeune, BS Econ 2004, is a project manager for Interstate Electrical Contractors in Wheat Ridge, CO.

Pongkit Luksamepicheat, MS Mineral Economics 2004, is currently a commercial coordinator at PTT Exploration and Production Plc. in Thailand.

Emily King, MS ETM 2004, is currently a Software Implementation Consultant for Fast Enterprises.

John Antwi, MSc MinEc 2005, is the manager of corporate development with Newmont Mining Corporation in Denver.

Derek Trebilcock, MSc ETM 2005, is the IT manager with Sun Microsystems in Broomfield, CO.

Donald Walker, MSc MinEc 2005, is a geologist for ConocoPhillips in Houston, TX.

Josh Burgher, MS ETM 2005, has left his job at Motive and started as a Manager at Ernst & Young in the Communications Advisory Services practice. CAS helps telecommunications companies assess, design, and implement changes that accelerate the achievement of sustainable results and management of risk.

Claudio Valencia, Ph.D. Mineral Economics 2005, is now at the Servicio Nacional de Geología y Minería ( as the Deputy Director of Mining.

Ben Pope, MS Mineral Economics 2005, began working at WorleyParsons Komex, located in Leeds, England. He is working as an environmental economist.

Omotayo Soyemi, MS Mineral Economics 2005, was offered a job a Schlumberger Oilfields to work as Junior Risk and Value Consultant in the Information Solutions Department in the UK.

Jennifer Walker, MSc MinEc 2005, is in investment appraisals for ConocoPhillips in Houston, TX.

Jeffrey Simanjuntek, MS ETM 2005, is now working as a Planning Engineer at PT.PGN (gas pipeline company)

Kelly Hayes, BS Econ, Missy Engbarth, BS Econ 2005, Kevin L. Baird (BS Econ, 2004) from St. Paul Travelers in Greenwood Village, CO will be recruiting at the CSM Career Fair Feb. 14, 2006.

Vikram Balasubramanian, MS Mineral Economics 2005, has accepted a position at Chevron Global Gas as an analyst in San Ramon, California.

Nicolas Jonard, MS MinEc 2005, works as a commercial analyst for Statoil International Exploration and Acquisition in Stavanger, Norway.

Matthieu Delaby, MS MinEc 2005, is a corporate trainee in project control at Statoil in Stavanger, Norway.

Angela Blea, BS Econ 2006, is employed at URS Corporation as a roadway engineer in their Transportation Division in Denver.

Alicia Jessop, BS Econ 2006, is in her 3rd year of law school at Chapman University in Orange, CA. She is also the senior symposium editor for the Chapman Law Review.

Mandi Stewart, BS Econ 2006, is a mutual funds analyst at Lipper in Denver.

Michael Martinez, PhD Min Ec 2006, is teaching in the math department at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

Emmanuel Barrois, MSc MinEc 2006, is working for Total E&P Nigeria in Port-Harcourt as a reservoir engineer.

Stephanie Savage, MSc MinEc 2006, is a senior project analyst for Entegrity Wind Systems, Inc in Boulder, CO.

Mark Ruthven, MSc ETM 2006, is product manager for Western Union in Englewood, CO.

Kristen Horkey, MS ETM 2006, is a Costing Analyst at HP in Fort Collins.

Mark Chung, MS Mineral Economics 2006, is an Energy Market Analyst with Bentek Energy, a Natural Gas consulting firm located in Golden, CO.

Dan Johnson, MS Mineral Economics 2006, is a marketing analyst for Chesapeake Energy Marketing, Inc. in Oklahoma City.

Irene Castillo, MSc MinEc 2007, is in Norway working for the petroleum company StatoilHydro.

Ayoub Semaan, MSc MinEc 2007, is a management consultant for McKinsey and Company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Amar Sharkhuu, MSc MinEc 2007, is in engineering operations management with Powder River Coal, LLC in Gillette, WY.

Michael Flavin, BS Econ 2007, is the Rocky Mountain regional manager for Hanes Geo Components based in Denver

Jason Rurup, MS MinEc 2007, is an Associate Generation Modeling Analyst for Xcel Energy in Denver

Haley Martinez, MS ETM 2008, is working in Modeling, Simulation, Wargaming & Analysis at Booz Allen Hamilton in San Antonio, TX

Luis Agapito, MS Min Ec 2008, is working for Freeport McMoRan headquarters located in Phoenix, AZ.  He is a construction Manager. 

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