Meet Robert Killion

“I came to Mines primarily for the technical skills because I thought I would continue to work in oil and gas, but it’s the business classes that expanded my thoughts as far as different programs and companies.

I was just offered a job at Lockheed Martin in Orlando, Fla. It’s a three-year Operations Leadership Development Program. My first rotation will be in manufacturing, then one year in quality, followed by one year in supply chain. When I graduate from the program, I can go on to work as a part of Lockheed if I want to continue.

I like the small feel at Mines. You have all the benefits of a big school: great research programs, professors, reputation, but at the same time, you have that small feel, where you know everyone in your classes. The professors in my program are really engaging, too.

The future is changing rapidly and we need to position ourselves strategically to be ready for that future. Instead of lagging behind and hoping to catch up or hoping to get a job, we can develop our skills to prepare ourselves for future jobs.

I ended up getting a job that I’m really proud of and it’s something I never expected coming into Mines, but the ETM program really opened my eyes to the possibilities that are out there.”

Robert Killion
Division of Economics and Business
Engineering and Technology Management MS
Class of 2017


“Even though I’m graduating in December, I don’t have my mind set on just one job title, and that’s good. There are so many things I can do, and that’s a testament to the effectiveness of the ETM [Engineering and Technology Management] program. I can see myself as a project/program manager, or in a business/financial analyst role. Most importantly, I want to be in a position where I can influence people and solve problems.

I currently work at the Career Center, so I get the opportunity to talk with employers and it’s amazing to hear what they have to say. Employers who have hired graduates from the ETM program are always raving about these employees, and what the program did in terms of value for their company. It’s a real tribute to the effectiveness and excellence that this program imparts on its students.”

Oluwaseun Oyatogun
Division of Economics and Business
Engineering and Technology Management MS
Class of 2016

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