Dual Degree (CSM & IFP) Demographics, Student Placement, and Perspectives

Student Demographics - Academic Year 2014-15

  • Male/Female: 7/3
  • US/International: 4/6
  • Mean Age at Admission: 25

County of Origin

  • United States of America:  4
  • France: 2
  • India: 1
  • Mexico: 1
  • China: 1
  • Saudi Arabia: 1

Undergraduate Degrees

  • General Engineering (chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical)
  • Earth Sciences & Engineering (geology, petroleum, mining, metallurgy, geophysics)
  • American Studies
  • Economics & Business

Student Placement
Graduates are able to work in teams in an international environment and have developed strong economic, management, and decision-making skills. Thus, they are well positioned to become leaders in the fast-paced petroleum industry. Examples of major energy companies employing graduates from either school include:

  • British Petroleum
  • Conoco
  • Marathon Oil Research Center
  • Mineral Engenharia Brasil
  • Occidental Oil & Gas
  • Petrobras
  • Shell International
  • Statoil
  • Total
  • International Energy Agency

Student Perspectives
Here's what Mines/IFP students have to say about the program . . . . .

“I came to Mines for the IFP program. I was interested in pivoting away from engineering and doing something more business-oriented. Mines is a very well-respected institution, as is IFP, in the petroleum industry. The dual-degree program was exactly what I needed. In fact, I just accepted a job doing energy statistics at the International Energy Agency in Paris, working with non-OECD [Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development] countries, primarily in North Africa and the Middle East." - Laila El-Ashmawy, Class of 2016

"The MEE program at Mines is a program very much grounded in the technical and mathematical skills needed for the business world. The PEM program at IFP is definitely made for exposure to the international oil and gas scene. It's a totally different style of education than at Mines, broadening the experience. It is a huge plus for anyone who wants to work for energy companies, especially internationally." - Tom Hunt, Class of 2011-12

"The program gives you a really great foundation and understanding of all things oil and gas industry. It's unique in that it explains the A-Z about oil and gas from geopolitics to the technical aspects of pulling it out of the ground, to completing the financial analysis to see if a project is profitable. My class at IFP had about 33 people with seven from Mines, a handful of native French, several from Qatar and the Ivory Coast, and others from Brazil, Slovakia, Mexico, Columbia, and Spain. One of the best parts of having so many diverse students is what you learn outside of the classroom from them. Also, about half of the students have prior oil and gas experience, so sometimes they're the best resources for questions. Overall, it made for a great learning environment because of the unique perspectives. In addition, Paris is, well, Paris. It depends on what you like, but coming from New York City, it felt a lot like home for me - great museums and restaurants, and you can always walk around and see the sights." - Kaitlin McGovern, Class of 08-09


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