Mineral and Energy Economics Program - Demographics, Placement, Perspectives

Student Demographics

Distinguished alumni of Mineral and Energy Economics include amongst many others: Ronald Cattany, Director of the Colorado Division of Minerals and Geology; Maria Chappuis, Director of Mines, Peru; Raul Doering, Secretary of Mining of Catamarca, Argentina; Brian Johnson, Director of Energy & Utilities, Asia Pacific PricewaterHouse-Coopers; Purnomo Yusgiantoro, Minister of Energy, Indonesia; Ellen Ewart, Vice President, Investor and Media Relations, Foundation Coal Holdings, Inc.; Diana Moss, Vice President and Senior Fellow, American Antitrust Institute; Janie Chermak, Associate Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, University of New Mexico; Janet Peace, Senior Research Fellow, Economics Program, Pew Center on Global Climate Change.

Student Enrollment:  101
Master of Science:  69
PhD: 32
IFP ( included in MS total ): 8
Male/Female:  84/17
US/International:  65/36 
Undergrad GPA Mean:   3.39
Mean Age at Admission:  28

Home Country

United States of America: 63
Bolivia 1
Brazil 2
Canada 5
China 3
Colombia 2
France 1
Ghana 1
Great Britain 1
Greece 1
Indonesia 3
Iran 1
Ireland 2
Japan 1
Lebanon 1
Mauritania 1
Mongolia 1
Netherlands 1
Nigeria 1
Peru 1
Saudi Arabia 4
Singapore 1
South Korea 1
Spain 1
Togo 1
Undergraduate Degree Backgrounds

General Engineering (chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical): 16
Earth Sciences & Engineering (geology, petroleum, mining, .....metallurgy, geophysics): 21
Math & Applied Science: 14
Economics & Business: 45
Other: 5

Student Placement: 2011-12

Placement rate:
M.S. Students - 91%
Ph.D. Students - 60%

M.S. and salary data:
Average starting salary - $72,850
Range $30,000 - $115,000

 Ph.D. salary data:
Average starting salary - $90,000

List of companies and positions of recent graduates PDF versionText only version
CSM Career Center Placement Data
List of companiesPDF versionText only version who have contacted Mines Career Center to recruit Mineral and Energy Economics students from 2007-10. Companies marked with an "*" were searching for interns.

Student Perspectives

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What other current and former MinEc students think about the program . . . . .

I decided to pursue a masters degree in Mineral and Energy Economics to broaden the scope of my utility. Having recieved a bachelor's degree in mining engineering I was uncomfortable being so specialized. Additionally, I liked that the degree was recognized on an international level. I believe this degree will open up more opportunities in the future. 
- Mark Helms, Mineral and Energy Economics Alumnus

I chose to pursue a MinEc degree at CSM because it is more specific than an MBA. I have enjoyed learning quantitative modeling the most. When I graduate, I plan to be a consultant in the energy industry. 
- Ben Macfarlane, Analyst, Bentek Energy, Mineral and Energy Economics Alumnus

CSM has a global reputation of providing relevant minerals sector education of superior quality. It is truly a privilege for me to be sponsored by my employer in South Africa, The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, to complete Mineral Economic studies at Mines. The program has definitely added value to my existing experience throughout the hard rock mine-value chain. On completion of my studies it is anticipated that I will empower fellow employees both technically as well as through skills transfer; such as enhanced critical analysis, which is key for a degree at Mines.
- Jeannette McGill, Mineral and Energy Economics Alumnus

A solid curriculum with an excellent reputation...CSM opened the door to an exciting career in the international metals trading business.
- Don Ratcliff, Vice President Trading, Phelps Dodge Sales Company, and Alumnus 

The Ph.D. program boosted my career and opened new professional frontiers. It built my capacity to conduct empirical research and enabled me to provide sound practical solutions to real-world problems facing developing countries in the area of energy planning and the environment.
- Sami Kamel, Energy Economist, United Nations Environment Programme, Denmark, and Alumnus

Mineral and Energy Economics provided me with the tools necessary to expand my professional horizons beyond traditional engineering into the opportunities provided by the deregulation of the energy industry.
- Scott Moore, Director of Portfolio Management, Western Gas Resources, Inc., and Alumnus


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