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Curriculum Vitae

Statement before the Subcommittee on Energy, U.S. Senate, September 30, 2010
Critical Minerals and Emerging Energy Technologies
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Papers in Conference Proceedings

  • "Mining Taxation and Economic Rents: A U.S. (Economist's) Perspective," pp. 167-187 in E. Figueroa, editor, Economic Rents and Environmental Management in Mining and Natural Resource Sectors (Santiago, University of Chile, and Edmunton, University of Alberta, 1998).
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Book Reviews

  • Review of Wyatt M. Rogers, Jr., Third Millenium Capitalism: Convergence of Economic, Energy, and Environmental Forces (Westport, Connecticut, Quorum Books, 2000), in Choice, forthcoming 2001.
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Editorials and Special Issues of Resources Policy

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