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“The Odd Notion of ‘Reversible Investment,’” Graham A. Davis and Robert D. Cairns, Journal of Banking and Finance, Forthcoming, 2016.

"Embodied Carbon Tariffs," Jared Carbone with Christoph Böhringer and Thomas F. Rutherford. Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Forthcoming, 2016.

"Going Dutch? The Impact of Oil Price Shocks on the Canadian Economy," Jared Carbone with Kenneth J. McKenzie. Canadian Public Policy, Forthcoming, 2016.

"The Strategic Value of Carbon Tariffs," Jared Carbone with Christoph Böhringer and Thomas F. Rutherford. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2016, 8(1), 28-51.

Victor Peredo-Alvarez, Whitney Trainor-Guitton, Ian Lange and Allen Bellas,  Mandate a Man to Fish?: Technological Advance in Cooling Systems at U.S. Thermal Electric Plants, Water Resources Research, 2016: 52(2), 1418-1426 


Graham A. Davis and Robert D. Cairns, Mineral Depletion and the Rules of Resource Dynamics, The Energy Journal, Vol. 36, SI1, 2015

Steffen Rebennack and Josef Kallrath, Continuous Piecewise Linear Delta-Approximations for Univariate Functions: Computing Minimal Breakpoint Systems, Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, 167(2):617-643, 2015

Handbook of Bioenergy: Bioenergy Supply Chain - Models and Applications, Sandra D. Eksioglu, Steffen Rebennack, and Panos M. Pardalos (Eds.), Energy Systems, Springer, 2015, ISBN: 978-3-319-20092-7

Didem Cinar, Panos M. Pardalos and Steffen Rebennack, "Evaluating Supply Chain Design Models for the Integration of Biomass Co-firing in Existing Coal Plants Under Uncertainty", Chapter 8 in "Handbook of Bioenergy," Sandra D. Eksioglu, Steffen Rebennack, and Panos M. Pardalos (Eds.), Springer, pp. 191-217, 2015

Steffen Rebennack and Josef Kallrath, "Continuous Piecewise Linear Delta-Approximations for Bivariate and Multivariate Functions", Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, 167(1):102-117, 2015

Salman Mohagheghi and Steffen Rebennack, "Optimal Resilient Power Grid Operation During the Course of a Progressing Wildfire", International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems, 73:843-852, 2015

Gregory Steeger and Steffen Rebennack, "Strategic Bidding for Multiple Price-Maker Hydroelectric Producers", IIE Transactions, 47:1-19, 2015

Jeff Bryan, Ian Lange and Alex MacDonald, “Estimating the Price of ROCs”, The Electricity Journal, 2015:28(1), 49-57 

Brett W. Jordan, Roderick G. Eggert, Brent W. Dixon, and Brett W. Carlsen, "Thorium: Crustal Abundance, Joint Production, and Economic Availability," Resources Policy (2015), pp. 81-93,  DOI information: 10.1016/j.resourpol.2015.02.002.

Energy Journal, 2015, 36(4) Carbon content of electricity futures in Phase II of the EU ETS Harrison Fell, Beat Hintermann, and Herman Vollebergh. View Abstract

Stephen M. Frank and Steffen Rebennack, Optimal Design of Mixed AC-DC Distribution Systems for Commercial Buildings: A Nonconvex Generalized Benders Decomposition Approach," European Journal of Operational Research, 242(3):710-729, 2015

Böhringer, Christoph, Jared C. Carbone and Thomas F. Rutherford. "The Strategic Value of Carbon Tariffs," . American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, Forthcoming.

Williams III, Roberton C., Hal Gordon, Dallas Burtraw, Jared C. Carbone and Richard D. Morgenstern. "The Initial Incidence of a Carbon Tax across Income Groups,"  National Tax Journal, Forthcoming.

Williams III, Roberton C., Hal Gordon, Dallas Burtraw, Jared C. Carbone and Richard D. Morgenstern. "The Initial Incidence of a Carbon Tax across U.S. States," National Tax Journal, Forthcoming.



Josef Kallrath and Steffen Rebennack, "Computing Area-Tight Piecewise Linear Overestimators, Underestimators and Tubes for Univariate Functions", Chapter 14 in "Optimization in Science and Engineering," S. Butenko, C.A. Floudas, and T.M. Rassias (Eds.), Springer, pp. 273-292, 2014

Gregory Steeger, Luiz Augusto Barroso and Steffen Rebennack, "Optimal Bidding Strategies for Hydro-Electric Producers: a Literature Survey," IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 29(4):1758-1766, 2014

John T. Cuddington & Grant Nülle (2014) "Variable long-term trends in mineral prices: The ongoing tug-of-war between exploration, depletion, and technological change," Journal of International Money and Finance, 42, 224 - 252.

Michael Samis & Graham A. Davis (2014) "Using Monte Carlo simulation with DCF and real options risk pricing techniques to analyse a mine financing proposal," International Journal of Financial Engineering and Risk Management, 1, 264 - 281.

Harrison Fell & Daniel T. Kaffine (2014) "Can decentralized planning really achieve first-best in the presence of environmental spillovers?," Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 68, 46 - 53.

Harrison Fell, Shanjun Li & Anthony Paul (2014) "A new look at residential electricity demand using household expenditure data," International Journal of Industrial Organization , 33, 37 - 47.

Corrado Di Maria, Ian Lange & Edwin van der Werf (2014) "Should we be worried about the green paradox? Announcement effects of the Acid Rain Program," European Economic Review, 69, 143 - 162.

Andreas Ferrara, Ian Lange & Edwin van der Werf (2014) "Voluntary Programs to Encourage Diffusion: The Case of the Combined Heat-and-Power Partnership," The Energy Journal, 35, .

Josef Kallrath & Steffen Rebennack (2014) "Cutting ellipses from area-minimizing rectangles," Journal of Global Optimization, 59, 405-437.

Josef Kallrath & Steffen Rebennack (2014) "Solving real-world cutting stock-problems in the paper industry: Mathematical approaches, experience and challenges," European Journal of Operational Research , 238, 405-437.

Steffen Rebennack (2014) "Generation expansion planning under uncertainty with emissions quotas," Electric Power Systems Research , 114, 78 - 85.

John Shortle, Steffen Rebennack & Fred W. Glover (2014) "Transmission-Capacity Expansion for Minimizing Blackout Probabilities," IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 29, 43-52.

Andrew Gulley & John E. Tilton (2014) "The relationship between spot and futures prices: An empirical analysis," Resources Policy, 41, 109 - 112.



John T. Cuddington & Abdel M. Zellou (2013) “A Simple Mineral Market Model: Can It Produce Super Cycles in Prices?” Resources Policy, 38, 1 (March), 75-87.

Graham A. Davis (2013) “Replicating Sachs and Warner’s Working Papers on the Resource Curse,” Journal of Development Studies, 49.12, 1615-1630.

Graham A. Davis & A. L. Vásquez Cordano (2013) “The Fate of the Poor in Growing Mineral and Energy Economies,” Resources Policy, 38.2, 138-51.

Graham A. Davis & A. L. Vásquez Cordano (2012) “International Trade in Mining Products,” Journal of Economic Surveys, 27.1, 74-97.

Michael Woodhouse, Alan Goodrich, Robert Margolis, Ted James, Ramesh Dhere, Tim Gessert, Teresa Barnes, Roderick Eggert & D. Albin (2013) “Perspectives on Pathways for Cadmium Telluride Photovoltaic Module Manufacturers to Address Expected Increases in the Price of Tellurium,” Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 115, 199-212. 

M. Woodhouse, A. Goodrich, R. Margolis, T.L. James, M. Lokanc & R. Eggert (2013) “Supply-Chain Dynamics of Tellurium, Indium, and Gallium Within the Context of PV Manufacturing Costs,” Journal of Photovoltaics, 3(2), 833-837.

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