Thesis Forms

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Thesis Forms

MS Mineral & Energy Economics and MS Engineering & Technology Management

MS Student Forms

PhD Mineral & Energy Economics

PhD Student Forms

Forms Needed at Thesis Proposal Defense

1. Email Kathleen Martin to book a room
2. Thesis Proposal Report Form

Instructions and forms needed for Thesis Defense

1. Book a room: send an email to Kathleen Martin

2. Send defense announcement:

  • Send two weeks prior to scheduled defense
  • To announce, send email to Kathleen Martin with details:
  • Name
  • Advisor
  • Committee Members
  • Thesis Title
  • Date, Time and Location

3. Bring to the defense:

  • Thesis Defense Report Form - see above
  • Submittal Page - signed by advisor, co-advisor (if applicable) and department head.
  • Checkout Card
  • Quick Reference Guide is available on the Office of Graduate Studies website. (Jump to "Committee and Thesis/Dissertation Information" section.)

4. Provide division with original Thesis Defense Report Form

5. Submittal

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