Why Choose ETM over an MBA?

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Why Choose ETM over an MBA?

Rapid and discontinuous changes in technology demand increased organizational responsiveness through the design, development, and implementation of innovative strategies, products, services and processes.

To deal with these technological changes, technology intensive firms must rapidly integrate, modify, and replace their existing organizational practices to remain competitive. The over-arching goal of the Mines ETM program is to provide an understanding of the complexity and dynamism of modern high-technology enterprises. More specifically, the ETM program enables students to examine the strategic use of technology and innovation to gain and sustain the competitiveness of industrial economies.

The ETM program is intended to enable students to think critically about the wide range of cross-disciplinary issues. The strong analytical and managerial aspects of the curriculum provide graduates with a skill set that will enable them to assume leadership roles in industry and government.

There are several aspects that distinguish the Mines ETM program from a traditional MBA program.

1.  Serving Different Student Needs. 
Many students are attracted to traditional full-time MBA programs as a vehicle to transition into new careers or industries. Examples include changing from customer service to corporate finance, or moving from the insurance industry into the banking industry.

The Mines ETM Program serves different student needs. The program is designed specifically for students who have STEM backgrounds and wish to leverage that background into engineering management and the management of technology with a focus on developing quantitative based analytic skills. The ETM program enhances and amplifies a technical degree to help engineers and applied scientists accelerate their careers into increased responsibilities and opportunities.

2.  Curriculum Focus.
Many MBA programs typically include a curriculum of required business courses that cover numerous general business functions applicable to both small franchise businesses and large multinational consumer product businesses. The breadth of the required curriculum results in the typical two-year program duration.

Mines' ETM program is more focused, and shorter in duration. The program is responsive to the changing needs of industry and governments that require engineers and scientists to work collaboratively across business functions and to manage and lead large and complex technical projects globally.

3.  Community.
Because our ETM students come from STEM backgrounds, they share strong quantitative skills, the rigor to tackle complex problems, and the curiosity to explore new ideas and concepts. These traits help form immediate bonds and mutual respect, resulting in a strong sense of community among ETM students.

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