ETM Program Advantages

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The Mines ETM Program Advantage

Small Program Size
The ETM program is a small program by design. The small cohort of students entering the ETM program each year get to know each other quickly and build personal and professional relationships that last a lifetime. One of the benefits of a graduate business education is the professional relationships you create; the ETM program provides opportunities to build a wonderful network of like-minded individuals – curious, determined, and eager to propel tomorrow’s technology today.

One Year Program
The ETM program is designed to be completed in one academic year (two semesters, 30 credit hours) as a full time student. Compared with typical two-year MBA programs, the ETM program is more focused, allowing you to graduate quickly and begin to make an impact sooner. Most students enter the ETM program in the fall and graduate at the end of the following spring semester, some entering directly following completion of an undergraduate degree. Students can also choose to attend part-time, or can enter the program in the spring semester.

Unique Course Offerings
The ETM curriculum provides access to a wide range of classes focused on the unique demands of global industries like technology, energy, and manufacturing. Many classes emphasize quantitative analysis and predictive methodologies, tools that are in high demand within rapidly changing competitive business environments. These classes leverage the quantitative competencies of STEM graduates to build the foundation for better management and decision-making.

Small Class Size
Almost all ETM classes have fewer than 30 students, allowing for personalized instruction and dialogue between faculty and individual students, as well as frequent and meaningful interaction between students.

Leadership Enhancement
Many ETM classes provide focus on the “soft” skills that typical STEM programs leave out: interpersonal communications; team building; managing projects; the ethics of decision making; and exercising formal and informal leadership.  For example, every ETM student completes an intensive communications workshop that includes video analysis of his or her presentation skills.  Recognizing that most business activities are executed by teams, many ETM courses culminate in completion of team projects rather than final exams.

Professional Recognition
Mines is an internationally recognized research institution whose graduates are in high demand. We believe students earning a Mines ETM degree represent the best of the best – students with a strong undergraduate background in one of the STEM or related fields, supplemented with additional knowledge, skills and insight from the management sciences, ready to make a positive impact on the world today.

Industry Connections
ETM students benefit from the extensive industry connections built across the entire Mines community. In addition to the annual ETM Executive in Residence seminar series, ETM students have access to the numerous and frequent on-campus speakers who visit from a wide range of industries and disciplines. ETM students also have full access to vibrant Mines career services and job search activities happening each semester, including career fairs where hundreds of companies come on-campus to recruit Mines students.

Mines is located in beautiful Golden, Colorado at the foot of the majestic Rocky Mountains. Golden offers an authentic small town feel but with ample living, dining and entertainment amenities. The Mines campus is also served by a short shuttle bus trip to the Denver light rail system, providing easy access to all downtown Denver entertainment and sports offerings. Our unique location provides easy access to world class skiing, snowboarding, river rafting, hiking, fishing, rock climbing and numerous other nearby attractions.

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