Speaker Engagement

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Speaker Engagement

The Division of Economics & Business prides itself in developing collaborative relationships with business and industry leaders.  An important mechanism to facilitate that collaboration and enhance the EB learning environment is to invite highly experienced business and industry leaders to campus and the classroom to share their experiences and insights.  This participation provides a rewarding learning and life experience to both the industry representatives who participate and the EB students.

The Division offers opportunities for industry and corporate representatives to:

  • speak to a class
  • be a student mentor
  • host or sponsor “consulting” projects that provide rich learning experiences
  • sit on mock boards of directors
  • interact with student organizations
  • participate in a variety of other ways as part of the overall EB learning experience.

As part of your participation you will gain new and interesting insights into a dynamic pool of well-trained graduates for your business.

We invite you to explore these opportunities.  For more information, please contact Michael R. Walls, Division Director, at mwalls@mines.edu or 303.273.3492. 

ETM Executive-in-Residence Program
The ETM Program’s Executive-in-Residence Series allows executives from industry to pass on insight and knowledge to graduate students preparing for the challenges of a nature the seasoned executive understands well.  This ETM Program initiative facilitates active involvement in the ETM program by industry executives, through teaching, student advising activities and more.  We encourage candidates to put a unique signature on their tenure, by taking advantage of the opportunity to participate as our Executive-in-Residence and offer guidance and expertise in their area of specialty in the ETM Program.  We are currently seeking an executive candidate for the spring semester of 2015. 

Although the precise responsibilities of an Executive-in-Residence are flexible and offer room for creativity, we have established the following list of possible activities:

  • Teaching ETM students a relevant topic in a structured format (e.g., a series of seminars, etc.).
  • Educating and advising ETM students in the executive’s areas of expertise and about general industry knowledge, career information, sea stories, etc.
  • Interacting with the ETM faculty and others in the CSM community.
  • Offering suggestions to guide improvements to the ETM Program as well as related CSM activities and programs, from the perspective of a potential employer of ETM graduates.

The faculty and students of the ETM Program, as well as the entire CSM community, are eager to work with interested and qualified candidates for our Executive-in-Residence Series for the spring semester of 2015.  Interested parties should send a curriculum vita or resume to:

Executive in Residence Series, c/o Michael Heeley
Engineering and Technology Management Program
Division of Economics and Business
Colorado School of Mines
1500 Illinois Street
Golden, CO  80401
Ph: 303.273.3492
Fax: 303.273.3416

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