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Meet Cassidy Harris


“I declared math as a major. After taking a few statistics classes, I decided I wanted to study actuarial science, but we don’t have a major for that. I talked to a few companies and advisors and they suggested higher level econ classes with mid-level math classes, so I figured economics with a math minor would be the best choice for me. It was a little scary switching as a junior, but everyone has made me feel really welcome, and I have a great support system.

Mines has lived up to my expectations and then some. It’s more than I could have ever asked for and I’ll always be grateful for my time here.”

Cassidy Harris
Economics BS
Class of 2018

“Mines has a great reputation academically. Coming here and seeing it for myself, I’ve been very impressed with the professors and the courses I’ve taken. I’m thrilled that I was able to get a world class education. I’ll be coming out of here with a very prestigious degree.

I’m in the Army ROTC program here at Mines. After graduation [December], I’ll commission into the United States Army as a second lieutenant. I’ll be a military intelligence officer in the Army and I’ll be attending intelligence school at Fort Huachuca in Arizona.

Being able to balance the Mines course load with the rigorous demands of ROTC definitely helps you grow as a person. Discipline is huge. The ROTC teaches you about self-discipline which in turn helps with studying. My economics degree is also a great foundation. This degree helps with theoretical and practical thinking, as well as decision-making, which will serve me well in the military.”

Patrick Callahan
Economics BS
Class of 2016

"There are so many things I enjoyed as a Mines student - professors who knew me by name, clubs that kept me active and friends that felt less like fellow students and more like family. They made Mines a second home.

The classes are challenging, of course. They won't become easier, necessarily, but if you actively seek out help and find outlets to not only support your learning but also your interests, that makes all the difference."

Kownoon Her
Applied Mathematics and Statistics and Economics BS
Class of 2016

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