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CMI Meetings in Japan

Professor Rod Eggert represented the Critical Materials Institute (CMI) and Mines at three recent meetings in Japan - the 5th Trilateral EU-US-Japan Conference on Critical Materials, in Tokyo, the 3rd Japan-US Bilateral Meeting on Rare Metals, in Tokyo and the Critical Metals Symposium, at Tohoku University, Sendai.

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Payne Institute Distinguished Lecture

The Payne Institute Distinguished Lecture Series recently featured Mr. Adam Sieminski, the current administrator of the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). Adam spoke about the EIA's Annual Energy Outlook for 2015.

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Professor Rod Eggert represented the Critical Materials Institute (CMI) and Mines at meetings of the Applied Vehicle Technology Panel of the NATO Science and Technology Organization, in Prague, Czech Republic, October 12-16.

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Payne Institute for Earth Resources Named

Originally established as the Earth Resources Institute in 2014, this new $5 million investment by Jim and Arlene Payne not only renames the organization, but enables the Payne Institute to propel its growth and enhance Mines’ role as a global public policy leader in these focus areas.

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Osmotic Heat Engine Development

Dr. Michael Heeley is working with Dr. Tzahi Cath (Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering) and faculty at Yale University on a DOE Sponsored ARPA-E project, to develop a novel Osmotic Heat Engine (OHE) that can be used to convert low grade waste heat to electricity.

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The ETM Experience

At the start of this Fall semester, ETM students participated in an intensive two-day economic evaluation workshop and a full day leadership ropes course. The ETM students also attended a separate workshop focused on professional presentation skills in their third week of the semester.

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Upcoming Events

Research Seminar

Sebastien Houde is an Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland, who will present on the topic of Do Energy Efficiency Standards Improve Quality? Evidence from a Revealed Preference Approach (with C. Anna Spurlock) Learn More.


Research Seminar
Robert Williams is a Senior Research Scientist at Princeton University’s Andlinger Center for Energy and Environment,and will present on the topic of Are There Roles for Coal if Global Warming is Limited to 2°C? Learn More.


Graduate Student Lecture

Brett Jordan is a Mineral and Energy Economics PhD student who will present on the topic of Social Availability of Mineral Resources (3:15pm, EH211).


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