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Payne Institute for Earth Resources Named

Originally established as the Earth Resources Institute in 2014, this new $5 million investment by Jim and Arlene Payne not only renames the organization, but enables the Payne Institute to propel its growth and enhance Mines’ role as a global public policy leader in these focus areas.

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Osmotic Heat Engine Development

Dr. Michael Heeley is working with Dr. Tzahi Cath (Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering) and faculty at Yale University on a DOE Sponsored ARPA-E project, to develop a novel Osmotic Heat Engine (OHE) that can be used to convert low grade waste heat to electricity.

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Drilling Down the Bakken Learning Curve

PhD student Mike Redlinger analyzes improvements in horizontal drilling within the Bakken Shale Play in northwestern North Dakota and northeastern Montana.  

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A Look Upstream: Market Restructuring, Risk, Procurement Contracts and Efficiency

Dr. Ian Lange's co-authored paper investigates the consequences of electricity market deregulation and how it impacts coal mining productivity.

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Energy Efficiency in Tradable Performance Standards

Professor Harrison Fell and his co-authors look at the crediting standards for energy efficiency projects – an important element of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan.

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