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What’s killing coal?

The effects of natural gas abundance and renewables on coal-fired plants

Professors Harrison Fell and Dan Kaffine (CU, Boulder) examine the joint impact of natural gas prices and wind generation on coal generation.

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The Effect of the Winter Fuel Payment on Renewable Installation

Professor Ian Lange and his collaborators show the Winter Fuel Payment, a transfer meant to help older households stay warm in the winter, has distortionary effects on the market for renewable technologies.

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Mining and Energy in Central America

Graham Davis collaborates with several researchers from Central America to plot a path forward regarding public policy for mining and oil production.

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Carbon Policy and the Structure of Global Trade

Ed Balistreri, Christoph Bohringer (University of Oldenburg), and Thomas Rutherford (University of Wisconsin) consider alternative trade structures and their impact on carbon leakage and resulting policy burdens.

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Rocky Mountain Energy Economics Banquet

CSM-USAEE hosted a banquet on October 30 to provide a networking opportunity for students, faculty and industry representatives.

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Climate Policy and Competitiveness:

Policy Guidance and Quantitative Evidence

Jared Carbone and Nicholas Rivers (Univeristy of Ottawa) discuss ways to anchor the concept of competitiveness in economic analysis and relate it to climate change policy.

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Optimal Resilient Power Grid Operation During Wildfire

Steffan Rebennack (CSM) and Salman Mohagheghi(CSM)propose a stochastic optimization model for optimal grid operation during wildfires.

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