Minor in Economics and Business

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Minor in Economics and Business

Undergraduate programs within the Division of Economics and Business include a minor in Economics and Business. Use your minor to broaden your technical major with a economics and business skills. Join the over 200 students pursuing a minor in Economics and Business. All Mines students must complete, for their major, nine credits of H&SS electives (formerly known as Clusters). You will notice many EBGN classes in the list of approved courses. Students are able to count up to six hours of EBGN credits towards the HS&S electives and apply the credits towards a minor.

18 credit hours of EBGN courses (6 courses) as detailed:

  • Required Courses - 6 credit hours (2 courses):
    • Principles of Economics (EBGN201) and
    • Either Intermediate Microeconomics (EBGN301) or Intermediate Macroeconomics (EBGN302). 
  • EBGN elective courses - 12 credit hours (4 courses)*.

*At least 9.0 of the hours required for the minor must not be used for any part of the degree other than Free Electives.

How to Declare a Minor 
Minor forms are available at the Registrar's office. Once the form is filled out, Dr. Houser will review and sign your minor form. Once signed, return the form to the Registrar's office.

Dr. Scott Houser
Teaching Associate Professor Undergraduate Program Chair
328 Engineering Hall
E-mail: shouser@mines.edu


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