Peter Maniloff

Assistant Professor, Economics and Business

 Peter Maniloff


Engineering Hall 324
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Peter Maniloff is an assistant professor of economics at Colorado School of Mines studying energy and environmental policy. His two major research areas include studying how public policy can ensure that residents of oil and gas endowed regions benefit from oil and gas production, and designing effective climate change policies at a state and local level. Maniloff has a PhD and MA in environmental science and management, and a BA in physics and computer science.


  • PhD (Environmental Science and Management) Duke University
  • MA (Environmental Science and Management) Duke University
  • BA (Physics and Computer Sciences) Duke University

Research Areas

  • Energy and environmental economics
  • Energy and environmental policy
  • Econometrics

Courses Taught

  • EBGN 409 Mathematical Economics
  • EBGN 509 Mathematical Economics