Joe Eazor Executive in Residence

The Engineering and Technology Management Program’s Executive-in-Residence Series allows executives from industry to pass on insight and knowledge to graduate students preparing for challenges that the seasoned executive understands well. This ETM Program initiative facilitates active involvement by industry executives, through teaching, student advising activities and more.

Raj Rawat2018 Executive in Residence: Raj Rawat

Raj Rawat is an author, speaker, consultant and innovator. After 20 years of leading “impossible” billion-dollar projects for Fortune 50 companies, he found his passion in inspiring companies and individuals to rise to their full potential. His recent book, “Find Your Everest: Before Someone Chooses it For You” is gaining critical acclaim for its inspirational yet honest approach to think big and achieve. Raj’s two children co-authored the book, which inspired them to pursue careers as physician scientists (MD-PhD). They share a patent on a medical pain visualization device and are owners of a Boulder-based organic beverage company. Raj creates high performance cultures by aligning individuals’ priorities with the organizations’ performance targets.

Read Raj Rawat’s recap of the 2018 Joe Eazor Executive in Residence Series.

Session I
January 16, 2018
4-5:30 pm

Reverse the Chase,
Let Opportunity Chase You
Speaker: Raj Rawat
Location: MZ 126

Session II
January 30, 2018
4-5:30 pm

What Leaders are Made of
Speakers: Greg Keller, James Jamison,
Abby Benson
Location: MZ 126

Session III
February 6, 2018
4-5:30 pm

Building Your Leadership Core
Speakers: Katherine Knowles, Bart Lorang, Jessica Garcia
Location: MZ 126

Session IV
February 27, 2018
4-5:30 pm

Excellence and Leadership
Speakers: Steve Villanueva, Estes Banks
Location: MZ 126

Session V
March 13, 2018
4-5:30 pm

Excellence = Fearless Life
Speaker: Julie Korak, George Promis, Nick Gromicko
Location: MZ 126

Session VI
April 10, 2018
4-5:30 pm

Your Everest
Speaker: Student Presenters
Location: MZ 126

Greg Keller, Chief Product Officer, JumpCloud

Greg KellerAfter twenty-four years of successfully launching software products and companies, Greg knows all aspects of startups: creating and evangelizing vision, hiring and mentoring the right people, and most importantly building an operational foundation that the business can scale upon.  In 2018 his company, JumpCloud based in Boulder, will hire 50 roles in engineering and product.

James Jamison, Senior Architect, SAP

James JamisonA native of Denver, James is a visionary and an advocate for using technology to inspire people and organizations to achieve the unimaginable. James is a citizen technologist and innovation leader with patents and awards at Fortune 50 technology companies. James’ accomplishments, style and connections has allowed him to serve on a variety of educational and technology boards.

Abby Benson, Asst. Vice Chancellor, Research & Innovation, CU Boulder

Abby BensonAbby is the rare and unique brilliant technologist who is also a completely relatable human. She is a national treasure in academic excellence, public policy, innovation and higher education, and is the link between research and industry. With an education from Yale and MIT, and professional experiences spread across government and industries, Abby is shaping the future of innovation.

Katherine Knowles, Vice President, Global Customer Engagement and Advocacy, Teradata

Katherine KnowlesKatherine exemplifies excellence in a highly technical, complex and high impact analytics business. Her team’s global mission converges customers, engineers and sales teams to build impactful stories that spark and inspire innovation. More than just the technical and business leadership genius required to rise to such an important role, Katherine highlights the values and persistence to succeed in highly competitive environments.

Bart Lorang, Co-Founder & CEO at FullContact

Bart LorangAs a celebrity serial startup leader, Bart lives his passion by innovating to solve problems, educating to grow motivated minds and funding to launch “crazy” ideas. Bart is the spirit and soul that infects people who make unimagined ideas come to life. He presents his values with power and persuasion. Bart is a hopelessly optimistic mentor.

Jessica Garcia, Electrical Professional Engineer

Jessica GarciaJessica is an inspiration for engineers with the aspiration of rocketing to the top. After receiving an MS in Civil Engineering and BS in Architectural Engineering, she raced through complex and challenging projects in power, lighting design and coordination from schematic design to construction administration. In 2015, Jessica received the American Council of Engineering Companies Young Professional of the Year Award for her contributions to the engineering industry. Beyond brilliance, Jessica goes the extra mile to mentor and inspire.

Steve Villanueva, CEO, Otero

Steve VillanuevaSteve is an innovator, entrepreneur at heart. As a Stanford trained lawyer, he solved major problems in working with engineers across the world for IBM and Dell, and multiple tech startups with profitable exits. He co-founded and sold a food company, and now is a co-founder of a clothing company for men that are shorter than 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Estes Banks, Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor

Estes BanksEstes is a role model for what makes a successful life. He is an entrepreneur, investor, and mentor. From growing up in a modest Los Angeles home, playing professional football at the Super Bowl for the Oakland Raiders, and restarting life as a sock salesman after a serious injury, Estes shows what it takes to rise in life.

Julie Korak, PhD, PE, Environmental Engineer, Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Department of the Interior

Julie KorakJulie represents the brilliance of young engineers. At 31, she has 14 peer-reviewed publications, 30 conference presentations and multiple patent applications in the process. Julie exemplifies how a passion to innovate connects to excellence in work and personal values.

George Promis, VP, Production Ink Jet Solutions & Business Development, Ricoh Corporation

George PromisGeorge is an engineer by education and an acrobat by example. First at IBM, where he led teams to make impossible projects successful, and now at Ricoh, George is a role model leader whose teams always deliver results while growing trust across organizations. George makes the phrase “they don’t make ‘em like they used to” relevant.

Nick Gromicko, Chairman, InterNACHI

Nick GromickoNick is the master of taming risk and a champion of innovation in all forms of thinking and execution. His organization, InterNACHI is the world’s largest content creator and education provider for home inspectors, and will likely be the first university that is certified to graduate students in home construction related curriculum (offered in 65 countries).

Executive in Residence Panelists

These leaders role model remarkable stories of human triumph. They are willing to mentor students, will participate in the Q&A panels, and may speak during the sessions.

Remy Arteaga, Director, McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Arizona, Tuscon

Remy ArteagaRemy’s story is the stuff movies are made of. He grew up in a tough New York neighborhood, became an engineer, led at GE, launched startups and wrote a book about entrepreneurship. He built visionary programs at Stanford University and is building one at the University of Arizona. Remy inspires others while growing personally.

Will Gleason, CPA, CFE, Business Development, Montage for Ag

Will GleasonWill Gleason remembers sitting in class at the Leeds School of Business, ready to graduate with a degree that would be foundational but not likely to fuel his passion. A shift to a degree in Finance and an additional year of study made sense. Within a few years as the reality of being chained to his desk as a CPA threatened his spirit, his vision for what he could do emerged. A move back to his roots and his love for his family farm in the San Joaquin Valley, is connecting his vision to reality. Today Will is focused on the operations of a start up Ag software company with the latitude and  responsibility of making it profitable and scalable.

Tom Knox, Electrical Engineer

Tom demonstrates how to excel in life. His early inventions preceded designs of digital music devices. He turned to his skiing passion and rose to the top as a competitor and then a national coach for the New Zealand team. Tom’s next passion was bicycling and he again rose to national championships while riding clean. Today, he helps the brightest physicists and scientists in designing and maintaining test and measure equipment. Whatever Tom does, he aspires to and reaches the top.

Mike Carey, President at FENIX.AI

Mike CareyMike is a math enthusiast, a Harvard Law graduate, and an innovative patent attorney on his first startup to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate the expensive patenting process. He is a born leader, a USAF pilot, and an innovation minded professional

Garrett Graston, Tech Sales Leader, Zoom

Garrett GrastonGarrett has risen in responsibility and scope of work for each of his five years after graduation. Four moves and promotions later, he recently took on a new sales role with a video communications startup company. Garrett’s example shows how knowing yourself is critical to continuous progress.

Erin Simons-Brown, Engineer

Erin Simons-BrownErin is a perfectionist at what she does. First she was a ballerina. Then she took a turn to becoming and engineer. After her B.S. she continued her education and is now finishing her program and looking for her next engineering adventure.