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Money Matters was started in 2021 through funds received through the faculty senate’s signature student experience fund.  Our goal is to make Money Matters a place for everything money related on campus.  Each semester we hold multiple Lunch n’ Learn events where mainly Mines Alumni come back to campus and speak on subjects related to investing, personal finance, buying a house, crypto currency and many others.  The next I Dig Money events are listed below.   In addition to the Lunch n’ Learn events we have also built online asynchronous personal finance modules.  These fun interactive modules will help you learn the basics of investing, types of accounts, how to build a budget and more.  Finally, it is our goal to increase the Mines Student bodies knowledge on personal finance related topics.  If you would like us to come speak to your group, please reach out!


“Invest in your 20’s, or invest in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s.  The choice is yours”

– Tyler Graeve CEO Cedrus Capital (15′)


Online Modules



I Dig Money

Lunch n' Learn Events


Learn important financial skills from experienced professionals! Free Chick-fil-A lunch for the first 50 people!

Ask A Certified Financial Planner

02/15/2023 12-1PM Friedhoff II

Mines Alumni, Thorn Svendsen of Northwestern Mutual, will answer any questions you have about personal finance, investment accounts, life lessons learned or anything else! Thorn works exclusively with Engineers to help them better understand their financial goals, objectives, and path forward! Come unlock your financial future!

Big Purchases and Credit

3/29/2023 12-1PM Petroleum Hall/GC

Do you plan on buying a house, or a car? Do you want to have the best credit score possible when you do decide to buy a house? Come listen to the CEO of Modern Mortgage Adam Hebener talk about how you should plan now for your future purchase. Also, Adam has started many businesses and would be happy to answer Entrepreneurship questions!

Quantitative Personal Finance

04/14/2023 12-1PM Petroleum Hall/GC

Making personal financial decisions is more of an art than a science. Come learn how Mines Alumni April Nelson uses Models and Math to make personal Decisions. She will show you her process and make her Excel Sheets available for everyone!


We would love to help you develop content for your class or group  related to any of the following topics:


Personal Finance




Types of Accounts




Big Purchases




Biggest Financial Mistakes


We’d Love to Help You Understand Your Finances!

Andrew Pederson
Engineering Hall #110