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Our MS and PhD programs in Mineral and Energy Economics (MEE) provide a set of unique educational offerings for individuals with a keen interest in earth resources and environmental issues. For decades, we have been known especially for research that applies economics to the challenging and important policy and industry issues associated with energy, minerals, and the environment. Our MEE program attracts students from all over the world, and our alumni are known globally for their career achievements and qualifications.

The department’s MS program in Engineering & Technology Management (ETM) is an accelerated one-year master’s degree program designed for graduates of engineering, applied science, or technology-related undergraduate programs who seek to enhance their knowledge, marketability and career potential. The ETM program provides our graduates with contemporary business management tools, skills and insights that are needed in rapidly changing, technology-focused enterprises.

We take special pride in our undergraduate degree program in Economics. An undergraduate economics education at Mines provides a solid background for pursuing many career paths, in part because the study of economics engages so many issues, such as globalization and the environment. In addition, it provides a rigorous, disciplined, and analytical way of thinking that evidence shows employers value greatly. Our undergraduate program provides students with a strong foundation in economic theory and analytical techniques, taking advantage of the robust mathematical and quantitative abilities of Mines undergraduate students. Our BS in Economics is designed to prepare our graduates for the work force and for graduate school, especially in economics, business, and law.

Finally, intellectual life in the division is centered around a strong faculty core, well-positioned to extend its current scholarship, curriculum, and multi-disciplinary efforts in the areas of earth resources, energy, environmental policy, as well as management and optimization techniques. This stimulating educational and research environment provides students a challenging and rewarding educational experience – as well as unlimited career potential.

Whether you are contemplating joining us in our mission, or are just searching for more information about our activities, welcome!

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