Scott Houser

Teaching Professor, Undergraduate Program Director, Economics and Business

Scott Houser


Engineering Hall 314


Scott Houser joined the faculty in Economics and Business in 2007. He was previously an Associate Professor of Economics at California State University, Fresno, and Special Associate Professor of Economics at Colorado State University. His published research focuses on economic pedagogy, tax policy, and poverty.


  • PhD (economics) University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • MS (economics) University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • BS (mathematics) University of Southern Colorado
  • BS (economics) Colorado State University

Areas of Specialization

  • Economic Education
  • Public Finance
  • Regional Economics
  • Poverty

Courses Taught

  • EBGN 201 Principles of Economics
  • EBGN 301 Intermediate Microeconomics
  • EBGN 302 Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • EBGN 320 Economics and Technology
  • EBGN 403 Field Session
  • EBGN 437 Regional Economics
  • EBGN 443 Public Economics