CSM Launches New Policy Institute

CSM unveils new Earth Resources Institute (ERI) to inform and shape sound public policy on earth resources, energy, and the environment.

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Determining the success of carbon capture and storage projects

Ian Lange and Dominique Thronicker (University of Stirling) evaluate which economic and technical characteristics of carbon capture and storage projects lead to their successful operation.

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Climate Policy and Competitiveness:

Policy Guidance and Quantitative Evidence

Jared Carbone and Nicholas Rivers (Univeristy of Ottawa) discuss ways to anchor the concept of competitiveness in economic analysis and relate it to climate change policy.

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Mining and Energy in Central America

Graham Davis collaborates with several researchers from Central America to plot a path forward regarding public policy for mining and oil production.

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Optimal Resilient Power Grid Operation During Wildfire

Steffen Rebennack (CSM) and Salman Mohagheghi (CSM) propose a stochastic optimization model for optimal grid operation during wildfires.

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ERI Distinguished Lecturer

Confronting Climate Change: Economics, Fairness, and Political Feasibility

Lawrence H. Goulder is the Shuzo Nishihara Professor in Environmental and Resource Economics at Stanford and Director of the Stanford Environmental and Energy Policy Analysis Center. Read more

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Leadership Practices Assessment: John Bedker speaks on leadership and provides students with opportunity to assess their leadership skills.
ERI Distinguished Lecturer
Lawrence Goulder, Stanford University on "Confronting Climate Change: Economics, Fairness, and Political Feasibility"
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Distinguished industry and academic representatives provide evaluation/feedback to faculty and administration.

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