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 “Engineering Management master’s degrees rank as one of the fastest growing degrees over the past 5 years.” -American Society of Engineering Education

The Division of Economics and Business is particularly proud of its ability to meet the changing needs of industry and government, while at the same time, preserving the finest standards in graduate education. A Master's Degree in Engineering and Technology Management (ETM) is designed to meet those fast-changing needs and emphasizes the fundamental principles of:
  1. Engineering management: the science of planning, organizing, allocating resources, and directing and controlling activities that have an engineering component
  2. Technology management: the study of alternative strategies for managing global technology development, acquisition and commercialization.

Why ETM over an MBA?
The American Society of Engineering Management (ASEM) recently stated that "in an increasingly complex and technically based society:

The ability to manage and administer large technical engineering and research projects and budgets will continue to challenge engineering management skills;
Approximately two-thirds of all engineers were spending a substantial portion of their professional careers as managers;
The management of technology requires improved management processes; and
A career that places engineers in management must be supported by engineering management education and organizations that strive to develop and enhance management skills."

This statement by ASEM summarizes the importance of engineering and technology-management skills to engineers and managers in a rapidly evolving business world. Moreover, it points to the critical importance of integrating education in engineering and technology management with the technical components of engineering education.

Modern business organizations are becoming increasingly complex. This complexity is a product of highly technical business environments characterized by increasing competition, globalization, and rapid and often discontinuous changes in technology. The management of complex organizations requires responsiveness through the design, development, and implementation of new products and process technologies.

To deal with these technological changes, high-technology firms should be able to integrate, modify, and replace their existing organizational practices to remain competitive. The over-arching goal of our graduate program in Engineering and Technology Management is to provide an understanding the complexity and dynamism of modern high-technology enterprises. More specifically, the ETM program enables the students to examine the strategic use of technology to gain and sustain the competitiveness of industrial economies.

The ETM program is intended to enable the student to think critically about the wide range of cross-disciplinary issues discussed above. The strong managerial aspects of the curriculum provide graduates with a skill set that will enable them to assume leadership roles in industry and government.

The ETM program is designed to integrate the technical element of engineering practice with the managerial elements of modern engineering and technology management- with a major focus on the business and management principles related to this integration. The goal of the program is to provide strong graduate education to engineers and applied scientists in the areas of engineering management and the management of technology, with a particular emphasis on the analytical and scientific aspects of those disciplines.

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Why the ETM program at Mines?

Why ETM over an MBA?

Career opportunities for ETM grads

Who is Eligible?
An undergraduate degree in Engineering or Applied Science is usually required to be admitted to this program. 


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